26 Flavours of Cornwall

Once in a while a project comes along that you simply have to be involved in. 26 Flavours of Cornwall is one of those projects.

A celebration of Cornish food and drink, 26 Flavours will explore familiar and perhaps not-so-familiar flavours, delving deep into their origins to uncover their essence.

There are 26 teams in all, each made up of a writer and a designer. Each pair will focus on a different item of Cornish produce – or ‘flavour’.  Our brief is to come up with a piece of artwork that combine words and design in the form of paper table-settings. They’ll be displayed at a special exhibition at  Trebah Garden in July (along with posters of the designs).

So why 26 Flavours? Because the project has been organised by the national writers’ association 26, working with the Cornwall Design Forum and University College Falmouth.

My design partner, Eleanor Bell and I got lucky with our flavour: wine.  Read our first post about our trip to Camel Valley vineyard. Wine tasting, on Bank Holiday Monday in the sunshine – all in the name of research.  What could be more perfect than that?


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