Month: October 2011

A bountiful harvest

The beginning of autumn has to be one of my favourite times of year.  The air starts to get a little crisper. The landscape is awash with colour as the leave change from shades of green to fiery red, bright yellow and burnt umber before falling from the trees and offering up another sensory pleasure that transports me right back to childhood.  Who doesn’t enjoy walking along a leaf-strewn path, kicking up leaves to be carried off by the wind and hearing the satisfying crunch beneath their feet?

From tiny acorns, great oak trees grow…

When I first got involved in the 26 Flavours project, I could never have imagined how it would take off.  It seems as though Cornwall really has an appetite for the exhibition – it’s currently the Eden Project as part of their Harvest Festival.  After seeing, smelling and tasting what’s on offer there, perhaps the exhibition will inspire other writers and designers to create something to celebrate their favourite flavour…

Each viewing of the 26 Flavours exhibition has felt different in terms of place, space and atmosphere.  For me, it’s the first time that anything I’ve written has been so public, so open to interpretation.  As writers, we don’t often get the opportunity to exhibit our work in such a physical sense.  While the internet has enabled our words to be seen by a potential audience of millions all over the world, there’s something quite special about seeing your carefully chosen words in  a more  tangible form.

The experience has been both satisfying revelatory, leading me to ponder the question ‘what next?’