26 Pairs of Eyes

26 Pairs of Eyes brings the stories of the Foundling Museum to life26 Pairs of Eyes brings some of the stories of The Foundling Museum’s collection to life. With so many intriguing objects in the museum, some things can be overlooked, so our challenge was to give people reason to take another look – to give them a way in.

26 writers were each paired with an object and asked to write a ‘sestude’ – a poem exactly 62 words long in response to that object.

Mine was a painting from the early 19th century, Christ Presenting A  Little Child, by Benjamin West. You can read my sestude, Watcher in the Wings on the 26 Pairs of Eyes website, along with the accompanying project blog.

You can find all 26 sestudes on display next to their objects at The Foundling Museum from 4 June – 25 October 2015.

26 Pairs of Eyes in Performance

I joined several of the other writers at The Foundling Museum on 4 July 2015 for a special performance of all the pieces.

A special torch-lit performance will take place in the Museum on Sunday 25 October 2015  as part of the Bloomsbury Festival.

Fiona Egglestone at 26 Pairs of Eyes performance in The Foundling Museum

Performance of 26 Pairs of Eyes at The Foundling Museum